TRIO Student Support Services has been serving enrolled students across the college campuses of Minnesota North College since 1987. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide a variety of personal and academic support services to address the needs of program-eligible students, the goals of TRIO SSS are to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants, help students make the transition from one level of higher education to the next, and motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education to achieve their career and life goals.

Services include:

  • Academic advising & career mentoring
  • Academic tutoring & support
  • Financial literacy/advocacy & FAFSA help
  • Four-year transfer planning & assistance
  • Personal counseling & guidance
  • Personal strengths development
  • Scholarship & resume assistance

Student Support Services Courses

SSSC courses are tuition-free for SSS participants (with tuition-waived at start of semester), although enrolled students are financially responsible for associated fees charged to credit courses. See full details in the semester course schedule or talk with a TRIO advisor.

  • Transition to College
    • 2 credits – Fall semester
  • Choosing a Major & Career
    • 1 credit – Fall second half-semester & Spring first half-semester
  • Introduction to Personal Finance
    • 1 credit – Spring and Summer semesters

Student Eligibility

You May be Eligible if:

  • You are a U.S. citizen, national or meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance, and
  • You have academic need for supportive services, and
  • Neither of your parents graduated from a four-year college with a bachelor’s degree, or
  • You have financial need to attend college, or
  • You have a documented disability

SSS Application

Become a member by applying to your home campus.

Meet the Minnesota North TRIO Student Support Services team:

Jennifer Boben
TRIO SSS Campus Director & Accessibility Services
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Christina Brown
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor
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Michelle Chamernick
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor
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Melissa Wilson 
TRIO SSS Counselor
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Torie Kutz
TRIO SSS Academic Support Specialist & Master Tutor

Ann Vidovic
TRIO SSS Campus Director & Accessibility Services
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Amie Furlong
TRIO SSS Counselor
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Jackie Gallop
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor
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Elizabeth Gillman
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor
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Sara Karpik
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Center Coordinator
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Jennifer Willard
TRIO SSS Campus Director & Academic Advisor
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Kelly Dailey
TRIO SSS Counselor

Holly DuChene
TRIO SSS Academic Support Specialist & Student Success Coordinator

Matt Jarva
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist & Technical Program Academic Advisor-Eveleth

Amy Amundsen
TRIO SSS Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor & Accessibility Services
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Shelly Koenig
TRIO SSS Academic Retention Specialist, Academic Advisor & Foundation Executive Director
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Annette Horvat
Supervisor for Academic Resources & TRIO Student Support Services
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Shannan Harding
TRIO SSS Project Retention Assistant
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Marcia Chambers
TRIO Retention Specialist & Academic Advisor
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Dick Larson
TRIO SSS Academic Retention Specialist & Mathematics Tutor
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Barbara McLean
TRIO SSS Counselor
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For questions, assistance, or to request the TRIO application in an alternate format, please contact the TRIO Student Support Services office at or any TRIO SSS staff member.