There are so many ways to give to the foundation.  As our mission and vision state, we strive to support the mutually beneficial bond between the Vermilion Campus and the communities it serves.  We want to support you in your desire to give just as much as we want to support our students!

In thinking about how to maximize the impact of your contribution, peruse below and always feel free to reach out to us.  After years of supporting our donors and our students, we’ve come to understand how to maximize the impact of your giving.  Keep in mind that we are a 5013c non-profit, so all of your donations are tax deductible.


Unrestricted Donations
These donations are the bread and butter of support!  Unrestricted donations ensure that the operations of the foundation are alive and well for yesterday’s donors, today’s students, and tomorrow’s community.  To ensure that promise lives on, our Board of Directors proudly created an Operations Endowment Fund in 2022 in honor of Anthony Pecha to ensure that our unrestricted gifts live on into perpetuity and our Foundation does the same.

Alumni Membership
Becoming and Alumni Member bonds you to the other Vermilion graduates and sets you on a path to support those who will follow in your footsteps.  Think of alumni membership as a way to honor the people that influenced your education and career path while impacting today’s students and tomorrow’s future.

Create your own Named Scholarship
If you’re looking to honor a loved one or create a legacy scholarship of your own, we would be thrilled to create an endowed scholarship for you.  Endowed scholarships allow your name to live on through the recipients of your annual scholarship.  Long after you’re gone, your impact remains.  You can create a named scholarship with a donation of $30,000 and beyond.  We are excited to create your legacy scholarship with you.  Call or email us today to learn more.

Create your own Annual Pass-Through Scholarship
Creating an Annual Pass-Through Scholarship is a great way to make an impact right now.  These scholarships are designed to enable our donors to support programs that align with their interests and determine their contribution level each year.  We have individual donors as well as organizations and businesses who sponsor Annual Pass-Through Scholarships.  Our Pass-Through Scholarships range from $500 up to $5,000 (and we won’t put a limit on yours).  Call or email us today to get started.

Support an Established Scholarship
There are numerous established scholarships that support our programs, each in their own unique way.  Take a look at our List of Scholarships to find an established scholarship that aligns with your vision for giving.  Or, support Vermilion’s endowment fund by donating to the Vermilion General Scholarship Endowment Fund and trust our faculty to ensure your contribution supports a bright star in our community each and every year.


Monthly Gifts
Recurring donations are a great way to reduce your energy expenditure while ensuring that your monetary gift supports both your finances and those you wish to support each and every month. 

Intentional Gifts
Make a one-time donation by check or credit card on our protected and secure website.  Let us know how you’d like that money to be utilized.  Feel free to mail us a check as well at 1900 E Camp Street, Ely, MN, 55731.

Keep in mind that we are a 5013c non-profit, so when you donate gifts of securities and the like, the Foundation gets the maximum benefit through tax free dollars! 

Wills and Trusts
Including a gift to the Vermilion Campus Foundation in your will or trust is a purposeful way to provide future support for the students of Vermilion.

Real Estate and Other Properties
Real estate, tangible personal property, or commodities can be given to support Vermilion Foundation programs.

Stocks, bonds, treasuries, and other securities create a consequential gift opportunity.

Retirement Assets or Life Insurance
Naming the Vermilion as a beneficiary of an IRA, retirement plan or life insurance policy is an impactful and easy way provide support.

IRA Rollover
Individuals 70 ½ or older may give directly to Vermilion Foundation from an IRA without paying federal income tax.