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Incorporated in 1979, the Vermilion Campus Foundation supports the college in providing exceptional, affordable education to Vermilion students.  The Foundation works closely with Vermilion staff and faculty to support academic excellence, professional success, and community involvement.  The Foundation awards academic scholarships and facilitates programs that are designed to help students overcome financial burdens keep them on course for degree completion.  The Foundation also collaborates with the Vermilion Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.

In 2022, Vermilion College became part of Minnesota North College.  This transition offered great support and excitement to both the college and the foundation.  Though Vermilion now stands as one of five Minnesota North campuses, the Vermilion Campus Foundation remains true to its original intent: to support the students and community of Vermilion Campus.

The mission and vision of the Vermilion Campus Foundation are supported by many friends and devoted alumni who have both witnessed and experienced how education can change lives and alter paradigms.  We hope you will join us!


The mission of the Minnesota North – Vermilion Campus Foundation is to seek, accept, and administer financial and material gifts for the benefit of the Vermilion Campus and its students and promote a stronger awareness of the bond between Minnesota North – Vermilion Campus and the communities it serves.


A bond between community and institution that supports monetary giving and an enriching educational experience unburdened by financial hardship.


Each year, our scholarship opportunities are unique.  Annual scholarships are sponsored by donors that have established both endowed scholarship funds as well as annual pass-through scholarships.  We encourage our applicants to explore the history of the scholarship they receive to more deeply understand the magnitude of kindness within our region.

The Vermilion Campus Foundation scholarship season begins in January with scholarship availability announcements and application opportunities in February and closes in March with scholarship awards.  A finalized annual scholarship list will be released in early January so students can begin to prepare for the application process.  Scholarship applications are accepted February 1st through February 28th.  Scholarship recipients are selected by our scholarship committee which consists of staff, faculty, and community members.  Scholarships are awarded in March.

Scholarship recipients receive their scholarship funds in late summer following the award season.  Each scholarship season’s award money applies to the upcoming academic year.  For students who will attend Vermilion during the upcoming academic year, scholarship funds are deposited directly into their student account.  For students who are awarded a transfer scholarship and will attend another institution, scholarship funds are sent directly to their new school.

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Created by one of our very own faculty members, the Textbook fund sponsors a special scholarship season each fall and spring to help students in need pay for their textbooks and required course supplies.

The Textbook fund application opens the day the book store opens each semester and closes one day prior to the last day to drop or add a class.

The foundation is grateful to the Textbook Fund’s creator, Pamela Brunfelt, and to our sustainers for yet another opportunity to support our students.

Please contact the foundation for additional details and the application process.

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Originally created by a collective of faculty and staff and sustained by a Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation Grant, the Emergency Fund helps us support our students when unforeseen circumstances present themselves.  From bus passes to child care, the emergency fund supports our students by removing obstacles that might otherwise prevent them from completing their degree.  The Emergency Fund is a community effort at Vermilion.  A committee of advisors and faculty, who know our students well, help us understand how we can best support students who reach out for help.  These resources (Emergency Fund dollars, advisors and faculty) ensure our students are set up for success and the completion of their degree.

We are grateful to the Emergency Fund founders and our sustainers.  Every year we are awed by the students who reach out for help and graciously receive it.  Each and every year, we at the Foundation, are grateful to be a part of this uplifting exchange of grace.

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Executive Director (day to day operations)
Beth Chapman


Executive Director of Advancement
Trent Janezich

Mailing Address:
Minnesota North – Vermilion Campus Foundation
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