Two Graphic Design Media Students Awarded Education Foundation Scholarship

by Annika Freiburger

female student working on computer

Eveleth, MN:  Jennifer Osufsen, of Aurora, Minnesota, and Alecia Posener, of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, have been awarded scholarships from Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) for the 2022-2023 academic year. PIM is an Association Serving the Graphic Communications Industry. Both students will receive a cash award of $3,000 to help support their education in the Graphic Design Media program at Minnesota North College’s Mesabi Range campus.

Minnesota North College Graphic Design Media Program

The Minnesota North College Graphic Design Media (GDM) program, which is accredited through Printing and Graphics Association of MidAtlantic, prepares students for a multitude of career options in visual storytelling including videography, graphic and digital design. Students enrolled in this two-year program get hands-on opportunities to learn the printing and screen-printing trade, as well as learn the art of visual story-telling through photography, video and special effects during semesters one and two. In semesters three and four, students shift their focus to study graphic design for print and digital delivery. Students can opt to earn a Diploma or AAS Degree and easily transfer to Bemidji State University, University of Minnesota-Duluth, or Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) to complete a four-year degree.

The Graphic Design Media program is delivered to students using a hybrid model, which allows flexibility for students to attend face-to-face (on campus at Mesabi Range Eveleth and Rainy River campus in International Falls, MN) or remotely via distance learning technologies. All classes are held synchronously, meaning that students, whether face-to-face or remote all attend lecture and lab time at the same time.

“I’m so proud of Alecia and Jennifer, for the work they’ve done this year,” said Paul McLaughlin, who teaches printing, photography, and videography in the GDM program. “I encouraged all my students to apply for this scholarship and am happy for both Alecia and Jennifer with this award, they are both very deserving candidates. Often students are unaware of the opportunities that are available to them.” McLaughlin added.

Kris Davis, of The Printing Industry Midwest said of the students receiving the scholarships that “Both awarded students are super impressive and knocked their scholarship interviews out of the park!”

Spotlight on Alecia Posener
“I decided to apply for the scholarship because any possibility of getting rewarded to promote my successes is worth a shot. My college instructor really encouraged and believed in me. When not only yourself, but others believe in you; it creates an atmosphere of motivation,” said Posener. She added, “After graduation I plan on applying for multiple positions in the graphic communications industry in different states. Whatever position I get I will continue to stay true to myself and continue to produce my own creative projects. I’m letting the Universe guide me, so I will be going with the flow and will see what happens in divine timing; taking opportunities as they come.”

Spotlight on Jennifer Osufsen
Osufsen was encouraged to apply for the scholarship by McLaughlin, “I was motivated to apply for the PIM scholarship because of my instructor, Paul McLaughlin. His knowledge of the scholarship opportunity, as well as his advice and encouragement to apply, was exactly what I needed to move forward with the pursuit,” she said. “My plans after graduation include expanding my small graphic design business and increasing my client base. I would also like to explore video composition and editing as a complementary component to my designs, further broadening what I have to offer to clients. I am extremely grateful to the PIM Scholarship Board for their kind encouragement and generous award, both of which were pleasant surprises,” added Osufsen.

Printing Industry Midwest (PIM) Education Foundation Scholarships are awarded annually, and recipients can re-apply up to four years. The Printing Industry Midwest is the trade association representing the graphic arts and communication companies in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Membership resources and benefits are designed to add value to companies that provide print, graphic communication services, market or manufacturing supplies for the printing industry.