Hours & Information

Viking Grill (Located in Backes Hall)

Serving daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Offering snacks and Caribou Coffee.

  • Hours: 8:00am – 5:30pm Monday-Thursday and 8:00am-4:00pm on Fridays.

Coffee Shop (Located in the McMahon Student Center)

Serving Caribou Coffee and grab-and-go items.

  • Hours: 10:00am-2:00pm Monday-Friday.

On Campus Residents

Residents of on-campus housing are assigned a required meal plan as a part of the housing contract. The default amount is $700/semester, or students can opt-in to the $825/semester plan.

  • Meal plan funds are loaded onto the student’s ID card and function as a declining balance.
  • The meal plan funds may be used at both the Viking Grill and the McMahon Student Center coffee shop.
  • After financial aid has been disbursed, students may add funds to their meal plan accounts in minimum increments of $25 if they are finding their meal plan amount will not last the entire semester.

Meal Card vs. Cash/Credit Card

  • Food purchased with a student’s meal card is TAX FREE, whereas items purchased with cash or credit/debit card are taxed.

Must Use Full Balance

  • Housing residents who do not use the entire balance of their meal plan by the last day of semester finals will forfeit the remaining balance.
  • Students who know they will not be able to use all of their money toward the end of the semester can place orders with the cafeteria staff to purchase bulk items. Purchasing bulk items such as power bars, Gatorade, snacks, etc. may be stored for future use, and also help students to fully utilize their funds.

Off-Campus Meal Plan

Itasca students living off campus who are interested in charging a meal plan against their pending financial aid* can choose among the following options once per semester:

$50 – $150 – $200 – $250 – $300 – $350 – $400
$450 – $500 – $550 – $600 – $650 – $700
 – worth of food/drink (a la carte) off the menu.

*Student must have completed a FAFSA at Itasca before a meal plan can be added.

Benefits: Students who utilize a meal plan do not pay sales tax on purchased items.

  • After financial aid has been disbursed, students may add funds to their meal plan accounts in minimum increments of $25.
  • Any remaining meal plan balance at the end of the semester WILL NOT carry over to the next semester.

Complete the Off-Campus Meal Plan Application if you wish to charge your meal plan cost against your pending financial aid.

Viking Grill Contact Info

  • 218-322-2313

Food Pantry

The Itasca Campus Food Pantry provides assistance to students facing food insecurity. All food in the pantry is free for students in need.

The pantry is located in Backes Hall.

Hours of operation:

MONDAYS: 12-2pm
FRIDAYS: 12-2pm

Contact Jackie Gallop for more information.