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Law Enforcement


About This Program

All Law Enforcement programs offered are designed to meet the requirements of the Minnesota Peace Office Standards and Training Requirements. Depending on if you have prior education and what goals you want to accomplish we do have several variations on the law enforcement program for you to choose.

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Degrees & Credits

A.A.S. Degree (72 credits)

A.S. Criminal Justice (60 credits)

Diploma (41 credits)

Skills Certificate (12 credits)

A.A.S. Natural Resource Focus (64 credits)


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Program Features

Training process and highlights

Training includes learning criminal procedure, State statutes, defense tactics, proper firearm handling, emergency driving techniques, proper professional conduct, criminal investigation and crime scene processing! The law enforcement program is held in an academy style setting, where cadets abide by program policies and procedures. The program has a modern training simulator and utilizes modern RMS/CAD Software. Other highlights include:

  • Top tier program placement, with an excellent reputation in the professional community
  • Minnesota POST certified law enforcement training
  • Local, State, and Federal Criminal Justice professionals involved in instruction and training, and small class sizes that maximize relationship building and long-term agency connections
  • Hands-on opportunities in field activities
  • Community and service project-oriented law enforcement club
  • Work and learning combined in a summer internship
Military credit options and wildlife/wildland focus

The 31B Military Police program Similar to the regular degree program but with credit given to students who have completed military service in law enforcement.

Wildland/Wildlife Law Enforcement has an extra focus on natural resource rules and regulations with hands-on courses.

Certificate and PPOE skills component

The PPOE (Professional Peace Officer Education) program is designed for those students who are attending a POST accredited institution, and are looking for the PPOE (Skills) component to complete their educational requirements. This summer semester program assists the students in completing the requirements to take the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) exam and start careers in state, municipal, and county law enforcement agencies, as well as State and Federal government agencies.

Diploma option to be a licensed peace officer

Meant for students who have already been awarded an Associate Degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. This three semester program offers the academic and skills needed to become a licensed peace officer.


Brent Bradley

Law Enforcement Coordinator and Instructor

Andrew Rooney

Law Enforcement Instructor

Kevin Stoffel

Law Enforcement Instructor and MSU Skills Coordinator

Carrie Pearson

Faculty Secretary, Law Enforcement Secretary, Switchboard

Steve Kovacic

Law Enforcement Instructor, P.O.S.T. Coordinator, Skills Coordinator

Meet Our Alumni

Alexandra Thompson by a lake

Alexandra (AJ) Thompson

Bachelors in Psychology, '19

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Alexandra attended Vermilion Community College’s Park Ranger and Law Enforcement Academy where she graduated in December of 2019. Following her graduation, she worked for Cape Cod National Seashore as a Law Enforcement Ranger during the summer of 2020. She came back to Minnesota to work over the winter for Eden Prairie Police Department as a Community Service Officer while studying for her EMT. AJ accepted a job offer from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for the summer of 2021, and will be moving out there to continue pursuing her goal of becoming a full time, permanent ranger for the National Park Service.

Jamie Vanasse in her uniform

Jamie Vanasse

Associate’s Degree in Wildlife Law Enforcement, '18

Vermilion Community College

Jamie attended Vermilion Community College’s Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy where she was a squad leader thereby demonstrating her leadership abilities. She graduated in December of 2018. Following her graduation, she worked for Yellowstone National Park as a Law Enforcement Ranger during the summer of 2018. Jamie moved to New Mexico to continue pursuing her goal of becoming a full time, permanent ranger for the National Park Service.

Jake Erickson

Bachelor's in Police Science

St. Mary's University

Wildland/Wildlife Law Enforcement

Education and experience
After Vermilion I received my Bachelor’s degree in Police Science from St. Mary’s University. For my internship, I worked as a security guard at Canterbury Raceway.

Current employer
St. Louis Park Police Department

Police Officer. My duties are to preserve law and order, protect life and property and enforce laws and ordinances in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of the St. Louis Park Police Department. To create problem-solving relationships with the citizens of St. Louis Park using a thorough knowledge of the department’s community-oriented policing philosophy.

Favorite VCC memory
If I had to choose a favorite memory from my time at VCC, I would have to say the people I met while I attended. The people I met honestly are more family than friends. Brittons, a Bucky from the Steakhouse, Sunrise/Sunsets over Lake One/Fall Lake/Shag, Cliff jumping at Miners, living in the dubies, the cabins at the OLC, drives up the Echo, and down Miners (all the way!) And of course breaking down on the snowmobile/ATV trails!

Laura McBroom

Bachelor’s Criminal Justice

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

S.P.L.E.R.T, Wildland/Wildlife Law Enforcement

Education and experience
I received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from UW- Stevens Point. I also attended VCC and was a part of the academy at Vermilion. I worked for the National Park Service for two seasons as a commissioned law enforcement officer.

Past employer
U.S National Park Service

U.S Park Ranger. As a Park Ranger, I was a commissioned law enforcement officer in the US. My duties were to protect and ensure the safety of those visiting the park. To enforce all federal laws, mainly focusing on boating and fishing laws. To provide a public service to visitors of the park.

Current Employer
City Of Stillwater

Police Officer. My duties are to protect and serve the City of Stillwater. To enforce laws and city ordinances. Ultimately, to provide a safe community for those in Stillwater.

Favorite VCC memory
Days spent out on the lake ice fishing.