Emergency Medical Technician


About This Program

The Emergency Medical Technician's (EMT) course educates participants to be a part of the nation's Emergency Medical System. Emphasis includes scene control, patient assessment, triage, use of standard equipment, transport concerns, legalities, and physiological theory related to medical and trauma situations. The ability to appropriately respond during a medical emergency is an essential part of many career fields. Students can take this training in addition to a primary degree. Obtaining one of these certificates can make the difference in securing your desired career. Students have options year-round to participate in these certificates, or they can take the EMT and EMR as stand-alone courses.

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Degrees & Credits

Certificate (16 credits)

Certificate (11 credits)

EMT Class (8 credit)

Mesabi Range - Eveleth

Program Features

General Features
  • To prepare future field clinicians for a successful career in Emergency Medical Services or an associated medical field.
  • To develop effective communication, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills of pre-hospital care in future leaders of EMS.
  • To promote professionalism.
  • To promote an appreciation for and participation in lifelong learning activities in education in the State of Minnesota, the United States, and globally.
  • To continually assess and improve the scope, depth, and quality of the program offerings.
  • To use and promote a research-oriented model for the study and development of the EMS field.
  • To offer an academic framework for EMS offerings in order to facilitate and provide transferable college credit which will encourage and enhance academic degree completion by current field clinicians, educators, and managers.
  • To adhere to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and the Emergency Medical Service Regulatory Board (EMSRB) standards and objectives to assure proficient entry-level paramedics through nationally recognized written and practical skill examinations.
Certificate and Certification Available

Students can take a full stand alone certificate in order to take the national certification testing. Students already working in the industry or are joining and EMS department also have the option to take a EMR or EMT class in order to qualify for national testing.

Meet the Faculty

Laura Korpi

EMS Education Director/Paramedic Program Manager

Alyssa Richards

Wilderness and Parks Instructor

Meet Our Alumni

James Kloss

EMS Certificate

Minnesota North - Vermilion

Education and Experience

I furthered my education after Vermilion to get my paramedic certification at the Mesabi Range campus. I was on Morse fall Lake Fire Department/First Responder and worked with the Ely Ambulance. While working up here I responded to local residence calls and calls in the Boundary Waters. I’ve had a lot of outdoor experience and worked at a canoe outfitter in Ely as well.

Current Employer

Tri-County Health Care and North Memorial Ambulance



Favorite Vermilion Memory

The outdoor activities that were offered to students & all of the hands-on learning experience.