Construction Trades


About This Program

The diploma program in construction trades is designed for students to take the same skill sets preformed in the carpentry program and bring them to real world through a 2 semester internship. During this time, students will combine working in the field with one day a week on campus to continue their education, learning, and building skill set for any areas that may need to be focused on.

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Degrees & Credits

Diploma (59 credits)

Mesabi Range - Eveleth

Program Features

Lab Activities

Lab activities involve actual hands-on construction. Working models and mock-ups as well as actual recreational and storage buildings and garages will be constructed by first-year students. Related instruction emphasizes math, blueprint reading, estimating, materials of construction, tools and equipment, principles of carpentry and safety.

Helpful Background

Courses in math, design, drawing, drafting and woodworking are helpful. Business courses in accounting, management, sales and general business can be very useful.