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The State of Minnesota offers a broad base of programs available to benefits eligible employees and their eligible family members. Here you will find information on each of these programs to help you make the most of your benefits package.

Insurance Benefits – medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, pre-tax benefits

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – 1-800-657-3719 or 651-259-3840

EAP offers free confidential help in areas such as counseling, childcare and home repair searches, financial and legal services, and much more.


Mandatory and Voluntary Retirement Plans Brochure

For eligible AFSCME, classified MAPE and MMA, MNA, MGEC, Managerial and Commissioner’s plans.

Defined Benefit Plan

Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS)

For eligible Faculty, Administrators, Unclassified MMA and MAPE (2 options)

  1. Defined Contribution Plan

Individual Retirement Account Plan is the mandatory retirement plan for faculty, system administrators and unclassified members of MAPE and MMA. An employee becomes eligible to contribute to the plan if he or she works 25 percent or more of a full-time position. Once an employee meets the eligibility requirement, enrollment in the Individual Retirement Account Plan is automatic. Note: Individuals who have prior service in one of the State’s defined benefit plans will automatically be enrolled in the Teachers Retirement Association plan rather than the Individual Retirement Account Plan upon initial eligibility.

  1. Defined Benefit Plan

Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) is an option for faculty, Administrators and unclassified MMA and MAPE members who wish to participate in a Defined Benefit Plan in lieu of the Individual Retirement Account Plan. Eligible employees have one year from the date they become eligible to participate in a retirement plan to make an irrevocable election to participate in the Teachers Retirement Association, rather than the Individual Retirement Account Plan. Participation in the Teachers Retirement Association is effective from the date of election. Any contributions made to the Individual Retirement Account Plan prior to the election remain in that plan until the employee retires or terminates service with the system. Individuals who are automatically enrolled in the Teachers Retirement Association upon initial eligibility will also have up to one year after eligibility to elect coverage under the Individual Retirement Account Plan In lieu of Teachers Retirement Association coverage.

Faculty who initially attain tenure or unlimited status will have another opportunity to elect TRA within one (1) year of attaining such status. Further information about this election will be mailed to eligible faculty by TRA.

For eligible Faculty, Administrators, Unclassified MMA and MAPE

Supplemental Retirement Plan is the mandatory plan for all faculty and unclassified employees with two years of full-time service. Employee contribution limits are established by language in applicable bargaining agreements and personnel plans. The employer contribution is equal to the employee contribution amount.

Optional investment programs for all employees (Sign up for these on-line through Employee Self Service)

  • Deferred Comp (457(b)
  • 403(b) Plan

Planning to Retire? 

  • Provide supervisor written retirement notice

Minnesota North College

Mission: Minnesota North College prepares lifelong learners and engaged citizens through inclusive, transformative experiences reflecting the character and natural environment of our region.

Vision: Minnesota North College will be the premier provider of life-changing education and the catalyst for regional prosperity.

System Organization and Administration

1B – Equal Education and Employment Opportunity

1B.0.1 Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

Form: ADA accommodation-request-form

1B.1Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education

1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/harassment Investigation and Resolution

Form: Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Form

1B.1.2 Preferred Name

Form: Request Form

1B.2 Affirmative Action in Employment

1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy

1B.3.1 Response to Sexual Violence and Title IX Sexual Harassment

1B.4 Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

If you need to request an accommodation, please reach out to:

Carmen Bradach, Vice President of Human Resources

Form: Request form for Reasonable Accommodation under ADA

1C – Code of Conduct & Ethics

1C.0.1 Employee Code of Conduct

1C.0.2 Respectful Workplace

1C.2 Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts

If you experience or witness harassment, discrimination or fraudulent acts, please report to:

Carmen Bradach, Vice President of Human Resources

Other Policies and Procedures:

Use of Volunteers Procedure

Volunteer Coaching Release of Liability Form

Volunteer Agreement Form Non Coaches

Weather/Short Term Emergency Closings

Student Employees

Re-Employment of Early Retirees

Sabbatical Leaves

Employee Evaluation


Nepotism Procedure

Board Early Separation Incentive Program


Credentialing (Faculty)
Credentialing Website
Teaching & Learning Competency Requirement (TLC) Credit Courses: SMSU


Employee Assistance Program

Animals on Campus Policy

Tobacco and Smoking Policy

Prohibition of Alcohol and Drug Use by State Employees

Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources

Sick Leave

Telework Policy

Voting Leave and Other Election Topics

Paid Parental Leave

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Business Services

All Business Services forms can be found on the J Drive.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Emergency Plans and Programs

Minnesota North Faculty and Staff Directory

Academic Calendar (2023-2024)

Employee Self Service website allows employees to view paystubs, make charitable contributions, manage direct deposit and deferred comp and/or 403b TSA savings plans, view benefits, manage W-4 and access W-2 forms.

Payroll Calendars

Apply for Tuition Waiver Here

Tuition Waiver Matrix | Tuition Waiver Guidelines

MAPE Form to Apply for Tuition at a University

All users of tuition waiver benefits must submit their tuition waiver application on-line no later than 10 days following the start of the course.

Graduate tuition waiver, including applied doctoral program tuition waiver, for employees is subject to taxation up to an annual limit of $5,250.

AFSCME Council 5 Contract
1-800-652-9791 or (651) 450-4990
MAPE (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees) Contract
1-800-652-9721 or (651) 227-6457
MMA (Middle Management Association) Contract
1-800-642-2373 or (651) 222-3811
MSCF (MN State College Faculty) Contract
Commissioner Plan
Managerial Plan
Administrator Plan

This document is available in alternate formats to individuals with disabilities by contacting Carmen Bradach at 218-550-2502, or 1-800-657-3860 or through the Relay Service at 7-1-1 or 1-800-627-3529

Minnesota North College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator.

Worker’s Compensation Forms

Employees and Student Workers must complete all of the following four forms when reporting an injury:

Student worker injury (FWS) must also complete this form: STUDENT WORKER FORM

Send all these forms by email to: Kaylin Ryan 218-550-2505.

Supervisors: Please use the Supervisor Checklist every time you have an injury reported: Supervisor Checklist