Business Office Contacts

Stephanie Pope – Vice President of Finance and Facilities

Office Location: Hibbing Campus
Phone: 218.403.9222

Kim McLaughlin – Business Manager, Accounts Receivable

Office Location: Hibbing Campus
Phone: 218.403.9215

Emily Ahrens – Business Manager, Accounts Payable

Office Location: Rainy River Campus
Phone: 218.598.9303

Jenny LaBarge – Accounts Receivable

Office Location: Hibbing Campus
Phone: 218.403.9231

Billie Sikkila – Accounts Payable and Purchasing

Office Location: Mesabi Range Campus
Phone: 218.550.2540

Berta Wilcox – Accounts Payable

Office Location: Rainy River Campus
Phone: 218.598.9321

Tracy Coldagelli – Accounts Payable Clerk

Office Location: Mesabi Range-Virginia Campus
Phone: 218.550.2560

Amber Krowiorz – Accounts Receivable Clerk

Office Location: Hibbing Campus
Phone: 218.403.9214

Diane Raboin – Purchasing Clerk

Office Location: Rainy River Campus
Phone: 218.598.9350

Code of Ethics

Minnesota North is committed to creating an environment where fraudulent and other dishonest acts are not tolerated.

Purchasing & Contracts

Marketplace is the Minnesota State source for managing purchasing, purchase orders and contracts.

Purchasing Forms for Employees

Special Expense Form: Use this form when you have extraordinary expenses in connection with work-related responsibilities or official functions not generally supported with public funds of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Please make special note of the policy listed on page 2 of this form.

16A Form: State Statue 16A.15 requires that state employees may not make purchases on behalf of the organization without first obligating the funds. If you have made a purchase without using a proper purchase order, contract, and/or other necessary forms (i.e. special expense form) you must complete a 16A Form.

NHED Game Official Form: Complete this form to reimburse athletics game officials. Note that officials can only be reimbursed for exact mileage based on the current IRS reimbursable rate. This form is not needed if we are invoiced for services via a purchase order or contract – as long as mileage is not included as part of the invoice.

Uniform Form: Staff can use this form to request required uniforms.

Prizes/Awards Process: This is the process for items for give away for student programs. 

Substitute W-9 Form: Use this form in conjunction with the Prizes/Awards Process.

Athletic Meal Money Request Form

Non-Athletic Meal Money Request Form

Affidavits: Use the affidavit if you have misplaced receipts for normally reimbursable items for an expense reimbursement and cannot produce another proof of payment (i.e. credit card statement)

Tax Exempt Forms

Contract Templates for Employees

Contracts must be completed in Marketplace unless, in the rare instance, the vendor is unwilling to sign the contract using DocuSign. Minnesota State requires that we use standard boilerplate contracts, found at the link below, however if the vendor requires we use their template, the contract must first be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel. Please contact Billie Sikkila at 218.550.2540 or for assistance if this is the case.

Minnesota State offers contract templates for your use in preparing and negotiating contracts.

Login to Marketplace here.

Some standard contract forms are:

Facilities Use Agreement – there are a variety of available forms depending on the parties involved.

Services Contract

Professional Technical Services Contract

Professional Technical Contract Amendment

Hotel Contract

Guest Lecturer/Presenter Agreement


Individuals traveling on College business are expected to be familiar with Minnesota State Procedure 5.19.3 Travel Management.

Travel Forms for Employees:

Out of State Travel Authorization: Use this form to get authorization to travel outside of Minnesota prior to making any travel plans or expenditures. Failure to get prior to approval for out of state travel may result in the institution not reimbursing your travel expenditures.

Out of State Travel Checklist

Employee Expense Report: Complete this form to get reimbursed for all travel expenses that you incur personally. Receipts and other documentation will be required.

2022 Reimbursement Rates

If you have questions or need help with travel preparation please contact one of the employees in business services.


Grant Forms for Employees:



Student Payroll Schedule

Student Payroll Schedule 2022-2023