Please use these estimated costs for tuition and fees listed below to assist you in your financial decisions. Click here for more information about Tuition Reciprocity with Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Manitoba, Canada.

2024-2025 Tuition and Fees

Resident Resident Online Non-Resident Non-Resident Online
Tuition* $179.13 $205.01 $179.13 $205.01 Per Credit
• Technology $11.00 $11.00 $11.00 $11.00 Per Credit
• Student Life/Activity $7.75 $7.75 $7.75 $7.75 Per Credit (Maximum $174.00 / semester)
• Parking $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 $2.25 Per Credit
• MSCSA $.61 $.61 $.61 $.61 Per Credit
Total $200.74 $226.62 $200.74 $226.62 Per Credit

*Does not reflect the tuition rate of courses with differential tuition rates. See Differential Tuition rates [below].
**Does not include personal property charges and service charges.

2024-2025 Differential Tuition Rates

Program/Course Rate Per Credit Program/Course Rate Per Credit
Culinary Arts (H) $191.00 Paramedic (M) $192.00
Automotive Technician (H) $218.00 Medical Laboratory Technician (H) $191.00
Diesel Mechanics / Heavy Equipment Maintenance (H) $218.00 Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aid (H) / Nursing Assistant (I R) / Certified Nursing Assistant (Off Campus) (M) $197.77
Electrical Maintenance and Construction (H) $192.00 Nursing (H) / Practical Nursing (I)(M) $220.00
Welding [AWS Certification] (M) $189.00 Dental Assistant (H) $191.00
IMT Millwright (M) $184.00 Veterinary Assistant / Technician (V) $235.00
Law Enforcement (H) $215.00 EMSV 1275 – Wilderness First Responder (V) $306.00
Law Enforcement Skills-On Campus (H) $286.00 EMSV 1761 – Technical Rescue I (V) $390.00
Law Enforcement Skills: Off Campus – Mankato (H) $305.00 EMSV 1762 – Technical Rescue II (V) $390.00
Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy (V) $397.00 EMSV 1400 – Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) (V) $306.00
Natural Resources (I)(V) $188.20 EMSV 1490 – EMT Bridge (V) $239.00
Microcomputer Technician (ITNS) (H) $191.00 Heating and Cooling Technician (H) $192.00
Graphic Arts (M) $188.00

Note: Differential tuition rates apply to all resident, reciprocity, and non-resident/non-reciprocity students.


Senior Citizen Rate

Senior Citizen Rate (62+ years old) Per Credit
Administrative Fee $20.00
Technology Fee $11.00
Student Life Fee $0.00
Parking Fee $2.25
MSCSA Fee $0.61
Total $33.86

Note: A senior citizen enrolled under Minnesota Statute 135A.51 must pay any materials, personal property, or service charges for the course. 

For additional information related to Senior Citizen Charges and Fees please see Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Guideline – Senior Citizen Charges and Fees.

To apply for the senior citizen rate, please fill out a general petition and return it with documentation of your age to your home campus.


2024-2025 Cost of Attendance

Two Semester Cost of Attendance
Direct Costs
Tuition and Fees* $6,023.00
Books $660.00
Total Direct Costs $6,683.00
Estimated Indirect Costs
Food and Housing $8,066.00
Transportation** $2,096.00
Miscellaneous Expenses*** $2,525.00
Average Student Loan Cost $35.00
Budget Total $19,405.00

Based on 15 credits (MN State Grant full-time status) per term at $200.48 per credit; includes fees.

All budget items shown are for nine months and full-time attendance (15+ credits per term). Students attending less than full-time are eligible for financial aid, however, budget, expected family contribution, and maximum awards may be adjusted proportionately for less than full-time attendance.

The Room & Board, Transportation and Personal/Miscellaneous figures are based on the DEED’s low living expense budget figures (documentation available at the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office).

All students and/or their families are expected to contribute to the cost of their education. These contributions are determined through the needs analysis process.

*Fees based on an $11.00 technology fee, $.61 student association fee, a $2.25 parking fee, & a $7.75 student life fee (per credit).

**Allowance for gas, oil, parking, bus fare and general upkeep of vehicle; does not include car payments, insurance, repairs, flights for out of state residence, etc.

***Includes clothing, laundry/dry-cleaning, personal care, recreation, average student loan costs, etc.