You may pay on your account online at any time.

Drop for Non-Payment

After the fifth-class day, students are automatically dropped for non-payment unless they have:

  • Pay tuition and fees in full OR
  • Submitted a FAFSA to Minnesota North College OR
  • Paid a minimum of $300 or 15% toward their tuition/fees OR
  • Established a payment plan through NBS/NeInet OR
  • Receive and approved deferral from Minnesota North College OR
  • Receive an approved tuition waiver, 3rd party authorization (TAA, Veterans, DRS, etc.) or scholarship.
  • Supporting documentation must be on file with the Minnesota North College Business Office.

Where to Pay

You can make your payment online through eServices or in person at the Campus Bookstore. See the Bookstore webpage for current business hours at your campus location. Payment can also be made by mail to the following address:

Minnesota North College
Business Services
1515 East 25th Street
Hibbing, MN 55746

Please make your check or money order payable to Minnesota North College.
If you are unsure of your balance, view your account on eServices.

How to Pay

  • Online through eServices, using 
    • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover
    • Electronic check
  • In person at the Campus Bookstore
    • Check or money order – Payable to Minnesota North College
    • Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Via Mail (USPS)
    • Check or money order – Payable to Minnesota North College
  • Set up a Payment Plan: NBS/NeInet Payment Plan
  • Financial Aid Disbursement – Your charges will be deferred until aid is applied to your account. If you do not have enough financial aid to cover all of your charges, you must pay the balance by the due date or establish an NBS/NeInet payment plan.

Late Fees

Avoid late fees and registration holds by making full payment of your account balance by the 25th day of the term.


  • Confirm your account balance on e-Services after financial aid has been applied and pay the remaining account balance with personal funds; or
  • Enrolled and remain current in a Nelnet payment plan that covers all remaining charges.

What if a Third Party Wants to Pay My Bill?

If you have an authorization for Minnesota North College to bill a sponsoring agency for your tuition and/or fees, you need to bring your authorization to the Business Office on the Hibbing Campus located at 1515 East 25th Street, Hibbing, MN or email to To obtain information about third party billing, please call 218-403-9231 or email

How are Payments From Outside Sources Paid to My Bill?

Most grants and scholarships are applied directly to your account by the Financial Aid Office. If your financial aid pays your bill in full and there is money remaining on your account, you are entitled to a refund.

How Do I Get My Excess Financial Aid?

If your financial aid exceeds your Minnesota North College balance owed, you will need to sign up for direct deposit through eServices to receive your excess aid funds.

What is Included in My Student Account?

By registering for classes, you enter into a legally binding contract to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees. You also acknowledge that failure to make the required payment by the due date may result in additional late and installment fees, inability to register for classes, and withholding of a transcript and/or diploma.

Your student account is a record of all charges and payments made to your account. Your account includes financial aid payments, including scholarships, grants, loan disbursements, student service fees, technology fees and, if you are living on-campus, your housing room and board.

To check your student account, go to the eServices section of this website.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay?

You will be charged an installment fees and late payment fees a “hold” will be placed on your academic record. This hold must be cleared before you will be allowed to register again or obtain a transcript or diploma. In some cases you may be subject to campus meal plan shut-off or housing eviction. Past due accounts may be subject to handling charges and collection procedures. Collection can include court action and referral to outside collection agencies. You are responsible for any and all costs necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.

What Happens if I Decide Not to Attend Minnesota North College?

Once you have registered for classes, you are responsible for all charges on your account. If you decide not to attend Minnesota North College, you must drop your classes online or contact the Student Services Office at 218-293-6850 to drop your class(es) over the phone BEFORE the semester starts. If the semester has already started, you must contact the Student Services Office to officially withdraw from the College. You are not automatically officially withdrawn if you do not attend any of your classes.

You must drop classes within five days (short term classes have shorter fee drop periods) of the semester start date to get a 100% refund of your tuition payment. Contacting other offices on campus does not constitute an official drop/withdrawal of classes and will not remove the financial obligation.