Veterinary Technician


About This Program

Vermilion’s Veterinary Technician program focuses on enabling a student to take their existing passion for animals and develop it into an employable skill set. This rigorous study program consists of 5 semesters of classes focused specifically on the skills required to be a veterinary technician. Students take a mixture of basic sciences and practical hands-on courses. Prior to admission it is recommended students explore the industry through working or volunteering with clinics, hospitals, shelters, or other animal focused industry. This program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

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Degrees & Credits

A.A.S. Degree (75 credits)


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Program Features

Theory and hands-on coursework

Skills developed in the program will be directly applicable to a career as a Veterinary Technician. Coursework will include:

  • Basic laboratory technique
  • Hands-on work with companion animals
  • Fieldwork for exposure to livestock and equestrian farms
  • Instruction from a licensed Veterinarian and licensed
    Veterinary Technician
Career Opportunities

A Growing Field

The veterinary technician field is expected to grow by 19% between 2014 and 2024, much faster than the average career field. Students completing this degree will have an opportunity to work as a Veterinary Technician in a clinic/hospital, Veterinary Laboratory Technician, Humane Society/ Shelter worker, and Wildlife Rehabilitator.


Leslie Clapper-Rentz, DVM

Veterinary Technician Program Director

Leilani Hotaling, DVM

Veterinary Technology Instructor

Additional Information


The Veterinary Technician program is not designed to transfer. Students will have a complete background and skill set needed to begin working in the veterinary technician industry.


Graduate Exam Results

Three-year average pass percentage of Veterinary Technical National Examination (VTNE) Results

JULY 1, 2021-June 30, 2024

Number of first-time candidates that have taken the VTNE: 24

Three-year VTNE pass percentage: 37.5%