Fitness Specialist


About This Program

The Fitness Specialist Certificate will equip students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding to enhance employment prospects in the health and fitness business, sports and leisure industry, coaching, and associated fields. The Certificate is a great addition to the Associate Degree!

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Degrees & Credits

Certificate (10 credits)

Rainy River

Program Features

  • Identify and describe human anatomy and body structure relating to sports
  • Describe and explain physiological processes relating to sports
  • Describe methods of prevention of, and demonstrate and explain appropriate care for, athletic injuries
  • Increase fitness level by participating in class
  • Describe various coaching styles and develop their own philosophy
  • Demonstrate techniques for aerobic and anaerobic sports

This certificate program is often used as an additional focused area for other related degree programs. While students can get careers in the fitness and sporting industry, most will pair with another degree to add an expertise to that degree.

Meet the Faculty

Justin Lamppa

Men's Athletic Director, Baseball Coach, Physical Education Instructor

Bill Engel

Men's Basketball Coach, Physical Education Instructor

Kate Brau

Physical Education Health Instructor