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Environmental Studies


About This Program

Conducting tests and finding out what things are made of can be important skills in many industries including natural resources. The Environmental Science program contains a rigorous mix of science, math, and general education courses designed to transfer to a variety of bachelor degree programs specifically focused on environmental science.

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Degrees & Credits

A.S. Environmental Science (60 credits)

A.S. Environmental Studies (60 credits)


Program Features

Natural Resource Setting

Having hands-on field experienced faculty will give students unique opportunities to learn in a natural resource setting. This program offers:

  • Safe and accurate field sampling skills
  • Expertise in environmental regulations, permitting, compliance, and monitoring
  • Skills in basic biological, chemical, and physical analysis of samples
  • Practice field navigation, GPS, GIS, and mapping techniques
  • Receive a hazardous waste operators certification
  • Study environmental health and safety issues, requirements, and procedures


Student surveying the land

Careers in environmental science require a broad knowledge base. The Environmental Science program includes a variety of courses in science, mathematics, and general education necessary to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program. While taking their core transfer courses students also will explore specific environmental science courses with hands-on skills.

Careers opportunities available in Agriculture, DNR, Environmental Management Companies, Government Agencies, Manufacturing, Mining, Renewable and, Non-Renewable Energy, and Waste Management.

Meet the Faculty

Wade Klingsporn

Water Resources Instructor

Tim Fox

Geography/Geographic Information Systems Instructor

Additional Information


The Environmental Science program is designed to give students the skill set to begin a career directly following completion of the program. Students interested in transferring on will find degrees in many related disciplines.