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The Automotive Technician program combines classroom study and practical hands-on application, to provide students with the essential skills needed to determine and make the appropriate repairs on today's vehicles.

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Degrees & Credits

Diploma (64 credits)


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Accredited Program

Minnesota North – Hibbing’s Automotive Technician program is accredited by the National Institute For Automotive Service Excellence – Education Foundation. Students can take the ASE Student Certification tests while enrolled in the Automotive Technician program. Graduating from the Automotive Technician program will satisfy one year of occupational experience when taking professional series of ASE certification tests.

Career Opportunities

Excellent Employment Prospects

The employment prospects for automotive technicians are excellent. Technicians may find employment at new car dealerships, independent repair shops, specialty car care chains as well as federal, state, and county maintenance shops. They may also start their own business.


Kevin Hyduke

Automotive Instructor

Wayne Trenholm

Automotive Instructor

Allen Nuzum

Auto/Diesel CLA

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