Welcome to Minnesota North College Vermilion Campus!

Welcome to Minnesota North College Vermilion Campus! We are excited you chose to HEAD NORTH to Ely, MN. Faculty and staff welcome you to our academic learning community and feel confident by being part of the Minnesota North College Vermilion student body, your future educational goals will be met.

Below you will find important links to the welcome packet as a new or returning student. Please review each link to find important information to prepare for fall semester.

If you have questions contact admissions@minnesotanorth.edu or (888)-223-8068.


Spring semester registration begins end of October!

To make a registration appointment for the Vermilion Campus of Minnesota North College:

Contact Academic Advising if you are accepted and ready to register for your academic program.

  • Molly.Johnston@minnesotanorth.edu or 218-235-2119

Contact Jessica in Admissions if you have questions about your application or the process.

  • Jessica.Anderson@minnesotanorth.edu or 218-235-2191

They will assist you and explain your options for registration.

Remote Appointment (Zoom or Phone) with advising staff

Remote Course Registration

We also have remote options for students needing to register and are unable to make it to campus. These Zoom or phone appointments are scheduled with academic advising staff who will guide you through course registration, discuss your transition to college, and answer any questions you or your family may have about college processes and campus services.

Please contact the staff listed above to make your next step to Spring Semester.